About Beach Tennis

Getting started...

Do you like going to the beach as well as playing a bit of competitive sport? Then let us introduce you to the world of Beach Tennis where you can happily combine the fun of sporting activity with sun, sea and sand.

The sport can be played by all ages and all playing abilities - a perfect way to spend time with your friends and family under the sun.

All you need is a beach volleyball court, many of which are often already set up on beaches around the world, Beach Tennis (paddle) bats and slightly depressurised tennis balls.

Where can I get hold of paddle bats and depressurised tennis balls?

In some countries where Beach Tennis is already an active sport, you can find them online or at selected sports shops. If you are having difficulty finding one, then we have a list of reputable manufacturers/suppliers for you to get in touch with.

Click here for the Manufacturers/Suppliers contacts list.

Which tennis balls are used for Beach Tennis?

There are a number of different types of ITF approved tennis balls and those used for Beach Tennis are Stage 2 "Orange" balls. Stage 1 low compression “Green” balls, which are also often used in mini or beginner tennis, were used until end of 2010 (you can view an article on this change on the News section).

The Stage 2 balls are slightly softer - and consequently slower - than conventional tennis balls and are usually coloured half orange/half yellow. Using this ball makes the game more exciting as it increases rally length and also reduces the risk of injury.

Click here for the list of ITF approved Stage 2 balls.

Where can I get more information about playing in my country?

The ITF’s policy is to work with our National Associations around the globe. We are currently working hard to boost awareness of this new and exciting sport through our member nations and hope that more countries will start playing Beach Tennis.

In 2011, 19 different nations hosted professional events with several more staging competitions and events at a national and regional level.

Click here for the National Association/Beach Tennis Body contacts list.

I am a beach tennis fan and I would love to visit professional tournaments...

If you wish to visit an event, take a look at the BTT Calendar to find a tournement near you and then refer to the relevant factsheet for more details on times and location. You can also find information regarding travel and accommodation on the factsheet as well as the contact details for the Tournament Director should you require additional information.

Beach Tennis tournaments are very fun and lively events usually featuring a DJ and MC entertaining the crowd between points. It's certainly a fun day out for the whole family, but if you still need convincing you can see an example of what to expect through our video On The Tour.

I am ready to compete. Can I start playing in tournaments?

To start with we recommend you try to play in tournaments organised locally or in your own country. Once you are more confident in your own ability you can consider entering ITF Beach Tennis Tour tournaments, which are open to all male and female players over the age of 14.

Before entering, you should familiarise yourself with the Rules of the Beach Tennis Tour, a link can be found at the top of this page. Remember that it is your responsibility to know the Rules!

Please have a look at the calendar and once you have selected which tournament(s) to enter, submit the entry form before the entry deadline. Entry forms and factsheets are available on the calendar page.