Beach Tennis is a rapidly growing sport and is increasingly attracting widespread interest around the world.

The ITF Beach Tennis Tour (BTT) is no exception and, since it began in 2008, has already seen an increase from 14 tournaments to nearly 300 by the end of 2015 on the ITF BTT calendar.

This trend is expected to continue into the future as more countries succumb to the irresistible nature of the game.



- ITF assumes responsibility for the development of the Beach Tennis Tour around the globe.

- First European Beach Tennis Championships of the ITF era take place with Rome, Italy hosting.


- Beach Tennis World Championships are staged for the first time in Rome, Italy.


- Turkey assume the role as hosts of the European Beach Tennis Championships, which is the first major tournament to take place outside of Italy.

- April sees ITF Beach Tennis launch into the world of social media (Facebook and Twitter)


- Stage 2 (orange) balls replace the Stage 1 (green) balls as the approved ball for beach tennis.

- European Beach Tennis Championships move to Albena, Bulgaria.


- 19 June 2012 sees the launch of the new look website

- The first ITF Beach Tennis World Team Championship takes place in Moscow, Russia.

- European Beach Tennis Championships hosted in Borgo Maggiore, San Marino.

- The Beach Tennis World Championships leave Italy for the first time with the new host becoming Burgas City, Bulgaria.

- Topspin, a German tennis and beach tennis manufacturer of 25+ years who produces rackets, balls and clothing for tennis and beach tennis along with tennis racket string, sign contract in April to become sponsors of the Beach Tennis World Championships for 2012 and 2013


- From January points counting towards a player's ranking was increased from 'best 4' to 'best 6'

- Rankings released on 29 April, saw a move to a weekly update. Points can be considered among a player's 'best 6' on the Monday ranking release date 3-weeks after a tournament's w/c date.

- Announcement in June of the addition of a Pan American Championships to the 2013 calendar which becomes a fourth major Championships on the Beach Tennis Tour.

- The Beach Tennis World Championships return to Italy with Cervia serving as hosts

- Start of two-year deal which sees Great Britain as hosts of the European Beach Tennis Championships

- 9 September 2013 rankings revealed Brazilian pair Samantha Barijan and Joana Cortez had become the first non-Italian players - male or female - to hold the top ranking!


- 16 June saw Brazilian Vini Font ascend to the number one ranking to become first non-Italian to top the men's world rankings.

- 24 nations compete in World Team Championship; a new record!

- The final day of the World Team Championship was streamed live for the first time.

- First meeting of the Beach Tennis Commission took place on 4 August in Bologna


- Launch of a first junior event takes place. The event is staged at the World Team Championship in Moscow

- Start of a new two year deal to keep the World Team Championship in Moscow sees the record for entries broken for a third successive year with 28 nations competing

- Live scoring views online at the World Team Championship break through the 10,000 barrier for the first time

- Russian national TV broadcast the World Team Championship final live

- Beach tennis is included in the Mediterranean Beach Games with players from nine nations taking part 28 Aug - 1 Sept

- Maraike Biglmaier from Germany becomes the first European based player outside of Italy to ascend to the women's number one ranking (14 Sept)

- Israel host European Beach Tennis Championhips for the first time

- European Beach Tennis Championships sees a title out of Italian hands for the first time as Russians Nikita Burmakin and Daria Churakova win the mixed doubles title


- Tournaments eligible for ranking inclusion extended from 6 to 8 tournaments as of 4 January ranking release

- New ranking points structure introduced

- First ever non-Italian pairing - in the men's or women's main event - are crowned World Champions with the victory by Brazilians Joana Cortez and Raffaela Adriana Miller in the women's doubles final


- World Championships stage first ever night sessions during the main event

- Pan American Championships receives a new record of eleven nations being represented

- Ali Colmenares and Ramon Guedez become the first non-Brazilian winners at the Pan American Championships - winning an all-Venezuelan men's doubles final

- Junior players from Venezuela claim eight of the nine junior titles across three age groups at the Pan American Championships


- Ceased tweeting from @ITFbeachtennis Twitter account on 25 January as all ITF Circuit tweets will now go out on @ITF_Tennis

- Beach Tennis Facebook page discontinued on 13 March 2018 and merged with /InternationalTennisFederation account