When reviewing TUE applications, the Independent TUE Committee follow the guidelines published by WADA for TUE validities for common medical conditions as indicated in the table below.


ADHD 4 years with annual review.
Adrenal insufficiency 8 years with annual review by an endocrinologist.
Anaphylaxis Days. Normally retroactive approval.
Arterial hypertension 4 years (no annual review). Eligible for retroactive approval.
Asthma 4 years with annual review; new pulmonary function tests every 4 years.
Growth hormone deficiency(adults and children) 1 year.
Infertility/polycystic ovarian syndrome Clomiphene citrate: 1 year. Spironolactone: 2 years with annual review. IVF: 2 years. Male infertility and unexplained infertility: 2 years.
Inflammatory bowel disease 4 years with annual review.
IV infusion Normally a single intervention of relatively short duration. Eligible for retroactive approval.
Male hypogonadism 1 year.
Musculoskeletal conditions Days or weeks.
Narcolepsy - cataplexy 1 year, with review by a sleep specialist.
Post-infectious cough Normally no longer than 2 months.
Renal transplant Glucocorticosteroids:lifelong. EPO:1 year. Diuretics: 4 years with annual review.
Sinusitis/rhinosinusitis Glucocorticosteroids: up to 10 days. Pseudoephedrine: 8 weeks.
Type 1 diabetes 4 years.HbA1c every 4 years.