Is a TUE granted by a National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) valid for events covered under the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme?

No. A TUE granted by a NADO must be submitted to IDTM for recognition prior to participation in an event covered under the Programme. There is no automatic recognition of a TUE granted by a NADO. The conditions of any TUE granted by a NADO may be amended prior to being recognised under the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme. Any such application for recognition should be submitted 30 days in advance of the first date on which such recognition is required.

Can the decision to grant/deny a TUE be overturned?

All TUE decisions are subject to review by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), whose own TUE Committee (TUEC) may reverse any decision. A player whose TUE application is denied by the TUEC can appeal the decision to the WADA TUEC (at their own expense). A TUE application that is reversed by WADA can be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport for a final decision.

When can I start using the medication and how long for?

Players should not assume that their application will be granted, even for the renewal of an existing TUE, and are advised to wait until they receive notification of approval from IDTM before using the substance(s) concerned. Most TUEs are granted for a specific period of time and so do expire. Before a TUE has expired, a new application must be submitted to permit continued use of the Prohibited Substance under the Programme.

Can I get a back-dated TUE?

TUEs may be retroactively approved for any of the following reasons:

-emergency treatment or exceptional circumstances (including imminent competition);

-the Player had not played in the qualifying draw or main draw of any Covered Event prior to being tested;

-the ITF and WADA agree that fairness requires a retroactive TUE to be granted.

The application form includes a space to describe such treatment or circumstances.

What happens if a prohibited substance is detected in my sample?

When the report is received from the laboratory, an initial review will take place to verify whether the player has a valid TUE for the substance(s) concerned, and whether the results of the analysis are consistent with any TUE granted. If these conditions are met, the result of the test will be recorded as negative.

Where do I send the completed TUE Application?

The completed TUE Application Form and supporting medical information must be sent to IDTM:
· By email to: tennis@idtm.se
· By fax to: +46 8 555 10 995

If you need to contact IDTM by telephone, please call: +46 8 555 10 999.

Players are solely responsible for all substances that they ingest, including all medicines they take. Thus, it is crucial that all medication is checked for Prohibited Substances.

If you are unsure if a product contains a Prohibited Substance or whether you require a TUE, contact the IDTM 24-hour hotline: +46 8 555 10 999.