31 May 2012

Retroactive TUEs

News Article

Applications for retroactive TUEs are limited to medical emergencies and ‘exceptional circumstances’. Exceptional circumstances are those in which “there was insufficient time or opportunity for an applicant to submit, or a TUE Committee to consider, an application prior to Doping Control.”

According to WADA guidelines for TUEs, exceptional circumstances may include those where a normally healthy player is suddenly affected by a significant medical condition some days prior to an event, and is unable to request a TUE within the allotted time to enable the TUE to be granted.

Thus, players may apply for a TUE retroactively in the event that they need to use a prohibited substance (for valid therapeutic reasons) in order to play in an event. The TUE application form will shortly be updated to reflect this change.

Some notes of caution:
1. Use of a prohibited substance without a valid TUE is always at the player’s own risk.

2. Although retroactive application in order to facilitate participation in an event is now acceptable, this does not mean that the application will automatically be granted in the way that one for a medical emergency is likely to be. That is, a retroactive application for the purposes of imminent participation may be rejected.

3. Retroactive applications will not be considered any quicker than a standard application.
If you would like any more information, please visit the WADA website.