Brad Parks, one of the co-founders of the game, and Chantal Vandierendonck were the first ITF World Champions for wheelchair tennis in 1991. In more recent times, Shingo Kunieda and Esther Vergeer have ruled the roost. David Wagner became the inaugural ITF Quad Wheelchair World Champion in 2017.


Gustavo Fernandez is the first South American to be named ITF Wheelchair World Champion.

The 23-year-old had an outstanding year in which he reached the final at three of the four Grand Slam tournaments, winning his second Grand Slam title at the Australian Open. Fernandez won a total of seven singles titles to remain at the top of the rankings in the second half of the year.

Fernandez said: “Without doubt this has been the best year of my career, something I have been waiting for, dreamed of, and worked hard for for a long time. It is very special to have reached No. 1 because of what it means and how difficult it was. I’m very proud of myself and my team, who have been so important in achieving what we’ve done. The recognition serves as a big motivation ahead of next year, in always trying to become a better player.”

Fernandez will receive his 2017 award at the ITF World Champions Dinner in Paris on 5 June 2018.

Honour roll

- 2017: Gustavo Fernandez (ARG)
- 2016: Gordon Reid (GBR)
- 2015: Shingo Kunieda (JPN)
- 2014: Shingo Kunieda (JPN)
- 2013: Shingo Kunieda (JPN)
- 2012: Stephane Houdet (FRA)
- 2011: Maikel Scheffers (NED)
- 2010: Shingo Kunieda (JPN)
- 2009: Shingo Kunieda (JPN)
- 2008: Shingo Kunieda (JPN)
- 2007: Shingo Kunieda (JPN)
- 2006: Robin Ammerlaan (NED)
- 2005: Michael Jeremiasz (FRA)
- 2004: David Hall (AUS)
- 2003: David Hall (AUS)
- 2002: David Hall (AUS)
- 2001: Ricky Molier (NED)
- 2000: David Hall (AUS)
- 1999: Steven Welch (USA)
- 1998: David Hall (AUS)
- 1997: Ricky Molier (NED)
- 1996: Ricky Molier (NED)
- 1995: David Hall (AUS)
- 1994: Laurent Giammartini (FRA)
- 1993: Kai Schrameyer (GER)
- 1992: Laurent Giammartini (FRA)
- 1991: Randy Snow (USA)


Yui Kamiji became ITF Wheelchair World Champion for the second time having previously received the award in 2014.

The 23-year-old was again a dominant force on the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour, winning three of the four Grand Slam titles, at the Australian Open, Roland Garros and US Open. Kamiji won a total of 14 titles and was a finalist at the NEC Masters in her best year to date.

Kamiji said: “I'm very proud of my season, which started with my first Australian Open title. This year I changed many things and I had to make those changes to get better. I'm very pleased to have won three Grand Slam titles in the same year for the first time and would like to thank all of my team for their support.”

Kamiji will receive her 2017 award at the ITF World Champions Dinner in Paris on 5 June 2018.

Honour roll

- 2017: Yui Kamiji (JPN)
- 2016: Jiske Griffioen (NED)
- 2015: Jiske Griffioen (NED)
- 2014: Yui Kamiji (JPN)
- 2013: Aniek van Koot (NED)
- 2012: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2011: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2010: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2009: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2008: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2007: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2006: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2005: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2004: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2003: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2002: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2001: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 2000: Esther Vergeer (NED)
- 1999: Daniela di Toro (AUS)
- 1998: Daniela di Toro (AUS)
- 1997: Chantal Vandierendonck (NED)
- 1996: Chantal Vandierendonck (NED)
- 1995: Monique Kalkman (NED)
- 1994: Monique Kalkman (NED)
- 1993: Monique Kalkman (NED)
- 1992: Monique Kalkman (NED)
- 1991: Chantal Vandierendonck (NED)


David Wagner became the first-ever ITF Quad Wheelchair World Champion after finishing as No. 1 for the eighth time in his career, 12 years after first ending the year in the top spot.

The 43-year-old captured his sixth Grand Slam title at the US Open and clinched the year-end No. 1 ranking in the last match of the year with victory over Andy Lapthorne to win the NEC Masters. He won a total of 12 tournaments during the year.

Wagner said: “It is a real honour to be the first quad player to be recognised by the ITF at the World Champions Dinner. This award is very special to me, and is much bigger than just me. It is an award that I will always cherish and will always remember the players who came before me.”

Wagner will receive his 2017 award at the ITF World Champions Dinner in Paris on 5 June 2018.

Honour roll

- 2017: David Wagner (USA)