The International Tennis Federation (ITF), the world governing body of tennis, oversees the following five areas of the game:

-  Administration and regulation
-  Organising international competition
-  Structuring the game
-  Developing the game
-  Promoting the game

1. Administration and regulation

The ITF administers and regulates the game through 210 affiliated National Associations, together with six Regional Associations. The ITF is responsible for the Rules of Tennis, including the technical specifications for courts and equipment, and the running and enforcing of a joint anti-doping programme.

2. Organising international competitions

The ITF controls the major international team events for all age groups and for Wheelchair Tennis, including the world’s two largest annual international team competitions in sport, Davis Cup by BNP Paribas for men and Fed Cup by BNP Paribas for women.

The ITF is involved at the highest levels of the game, including the 'the greatest show on earth', the Olympic Games, to which tennis was reintroduced as a full medal sport in 1988.

In addition, the ITF works closely with the four Grand Slam tournaments – Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open – through its presence on the Grand Slam Committee and supports each event with administrative, officiating and media services.

The four Grand Slam tournaments are all official championships of the ITF, while the Japan Open, Italian Open Championships and International Championships of Spain are also recognised championships of the ITF.

3. Structuring the game

The ITF structures the game by sanctioning the following international circuits and events:

ITF Junior Circuit
-  ITF Men’s Circuit
-  ITF Women’s Circuit
-  ITF Seniors Circuit
-  ITF Beach Tennis Tour
-  UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour
-  Hopman Cup

4. Developing the game

The ITF develops the games through its worldwide development programme. The Grand Slam Development Fund and ITF invest more than US $10 million per annum into initiatives for the growth of tennis around the world.

5. Promoting the game

The ITF promotes tennis through television, PR, marketing, event management and sponsorship. The official websites of the ITF also reach out to players and fans around the world, including, and



The ITF announced the creation of a new long-term plan for sustainable growth under a new agenda, ITF2024, at its Annual Conference and AGM in Zagreb, Croatia in June 2016.

- Click here for more information about ITF2024

- Click here for the ITF's Vision, Ambition and Purpose

ITF President David Haggerty outlined the ITF’s mission to develop, grow and promote tennis around the world through good governance, integrity and trust, inclusiveness, innovation, ambition and collaboration.

“It has been important to create a structure to allow us to become a more efficient and effective organisation, and give us more opportunity to realise our primary goal of developing, growing and promoting tennis around the world," said President Haggerty. "ITF 2024 will provide the framework for strategic and sustainable growth over the next eight years, as we work together to strengthen our sport.”

President Haggerty confirmed that the ITF’s priorities are growing and leading the game by inspiring more people to play, follow and watch tennis and by upholding the sport’s values and integrity. The ITF has identified the following eight strategic priorities in order to achieve these goals:


Integrity - Uphold the highest levels of Integrity, Governance and Transparency
Investment - Strengthen the financial position of ITF and its member nations
Development - Increase ITF development funding and expertise to grow tennis around the world


Davis Cup and Fed Cup - Create more revenue for investment in Tennis Development
Olympics - Elevate tennis in the Olympics
Opportunity - Provide opportunities to play at all levels of the game


Partnership - Increase cooperation and collaboration with all partners
Communication - Engage, listen to, understand and work more closely with our National and Regional Associations

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