Board Summaries

ITF Board of Directors Meeting Summary

The ITF Board of Directors meets four times a year. Please find below a summary of the most recent Board meeting, which took place in Minsk on 13-14 November 2017.


Budget and Strategic Initiatives

The Board approved the 2018 budget of $73.9 million, including $4.8 million of strategic investments for 2018. The Board reviewed the ITF2024 objectives and priorities and how they link directly with the budget and key strategic initiatives. The strategic initiatives are targeted toward some of the following key areas: Davis Cup and Fed Cup, development of a new tennis property, the Transition Tour, the IPIN system and the ITF’s digital strategy.

Davis Cup and Fed Cup

The Board approved the latest phase of the Davis Cup and Fed Cup reform programme in line with the mission of ITF2024 to strengthen and enhance the two flagship team competitions for players, fans, host nations, sponsors and broadcasters alike.   

The ITF received positive feedback from many National Associations regarding the Davis Cup trials in 2018, including a two-day format and best-of-three-set matches in Zones Group I and Group II.

The Board unanimously approved a trial for Fed Cup in 2018 whereby all sets will be played as tiebreak sets.

The Board reiterated unanimous support for expansion to a 16-team Fed Cup World Group in 2019, including a Final 4 format. Discussions will continue in 2018 on implementing the format and giving more nations a chance to compete to win the coveted title. 

The Board also agreed to a strategy presented to strengthen relations with players, including the hiring of a player relations consultant and appointment of player ambassadors. They also approved the strategy to increase prize money through various ways, including possible player incentive programs for Davis Cup and Fed Cup.

The Board decided that Davis Cup and Fed Cup should continue as separate events and not to pursue a Geneva combined final. The Board will continue to explore potential format changes for the future with any changes for 2019 to be decided by the AGM at its meeting in August 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

New ITF Properties

The Board heard a report from the New Properties Task Force, which will continue to study possible new ITF events for the future. 

2018-2019 ITF Committees and Commissions

The Board approved the creation of a new ITF Women in Sport Committee, an important step in promoting equal opportunities for girls and women to play tennis and assume leadership roles in the sport. The appointments of this and other ITF committees and commissions were approved and will be announced the week of 4 December 2017.

Wheelchair Tennis

The Board supported the ITF Classification Taskforce strategy recommendations and approved the outline of the 2018 business plan for wheelchair tennis.

Governance Review

The Board approved the ITF’s ongoing governance review, including moves to streamline decision-making processes to allow the Board together with the ITF executive to make some decisions without having to go to the AGM for approval, particularly in relation to Davis Cup and Fed Cup regulations. The Board also discussed continued emphasis on ethics and integrity.

Tennis Rules

The Board approved a series of recommendations from the Rules of Tennis Committee. These included approval of applications from various constituents, including Tennis Australia for extension of the time between points from 20 seconds to 25 seconds and the use of an on-court shot clock in all competitions at the 2018 Australian Open.

In addition, the Board approved an application from ITF Juniors to allow coaching during matches on the 2018 ITF Junior Circuit, provided the coach is certified and registered and a chair umpire is present in every round of the tournament.

Separately, the Board approved a new Junior Ranking Points structure that will be implemented at the end of Q1 2018.


The Board received a report updating them on 12-and-Under team competitions, facility grants, the successful staging of the ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference in Sofia, the International Players Grand Slam Grant Programme and the appointment of three new Development Officers.

Transition Tour

The Board reviewed preparations for the Transition Tour to be launched in 2019, including ongoing discussions with the WTA and ATP.