Planning an event

Organising Activities & Events

There are a variety of activities and specific events that you can organise for World Tennis Day 2014. In most cases, the National Tennis Association of each country will drive the activities and specific events organised, however tennis clubs, organisations and tennis enthusiasts can get involved too.

If you are looking to organise your own activities and specific events, please get in contact with your National Tennis Association to find out their plans first.

The ITF would like to encourage anyone organising activities or events to let us know in advance by completing the short survey online here or by emailing

The following examples provide some suggestions.

Large scale/mass participation event

World Tennis Day Tennis10s event in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaLarge scale or mass participation events are those that involve many participants in one location. The event may involve many tennis courts being set up so people can enjoy playing at the same time or a series of activities over a set period of time.

EXAMPLE: For World Tennis Day 2013, the Argentine Tennis Association closed the widest road in the world, Avenida 9 de Julio, in Buenos Aires on Sunday 3 March to showcase a Tennis10s Exhibition involving more than 40 tennis clubs.

Iconic events

World Tennis Day in EgyptAn iconic event is where tennis activity or an organised event takes place in a location that is nationally recognised or a non-sporting landmark.

EXAMPLE: For World Tennis Day 2013, a tennis club from Peru visited the historic landmark ‘Sacsayhuamán’, a walled complex on the northern outskirts of the city of Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire, and played tennis at the top.

In Egypt, players and coaches demonstrated tennis in front of the pyramids and posed with a World Tennis Day banner.

“Out of the ordinary”

Such events that may be organised that are "out of the ordinary" and may never have been previously organised. It is likely to involve a location that is not traditionally associated with tennis.

EXAMPLE: In a nation where the equator passes through, the National Association may decide to play tennis using the equator as the net or a tennis court may be temporarily built on a boat. During a recent demonstration, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal played tennis on a barge in front of the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina.

Linking with existing major events

The World Tennis Day 2014 activities or specific events may be organised in conjunction with another event, such as a local concert.

EXAMPLE: For World Tennis Day 2013, Confederacao Brasileira de Tenis organised Tennis10s demonstrations during the WTA Event in Florianopolis. A demonstration took place before the final and there were opportunities for the spectators to take part in Tennis10s. The federation also organised free lessons, clinics and tournaments run by coaches across Brazil.

Join our clubWorld Tennis Day in Dominican Republic

Tennis clubs are being encouraged to stage their own events or to simply open their doors to the community for one day.

EXAMPLE: For World Tennis Day 2013, a local club in the Dominican Republic staged a Tennis10s festival and opened their doors to the public to play.

Engaging schoolsWorld Tennis Day Tennis10s event in Minsk, Belarus

Schools are being encouraged to focus on tennis in all PE sessions.

EXAMPLE: For World Tennis Day 2013, a the Belarus Tennis Federation encouraged Tennis10s activities in local schools.

Link to National Association promotional campaigns

Linking World Tennis Day to national development programmes or promotional campaigns could help build the celebration of the event.

EXAMPLE: For World Tennis Day 2013, the British LTA visited a primary school which was announced as the 15,000th school supported by the Aegon Schools Tennis Programme. Some of Britain’s top players were present to help with the celebrations including Jonathan Marray, Elena Baltacha and David Phillipson.

Community events

A community event is where tennis is taken to the community specifically, rather than at the existing tennis facilities. Taking the activity to where a lot of the public will be is very effective way to increase exposure and interest.

EXAMPLE: For World Tennis Day 2013, the Kosovo Tennis Federation staged a Tennis10s festival with over 12 Red courts marked in a public area in the centre of the capital city Pristina.

Sponsor events

An existing or prospective sponsor may look to stage a promotional event linked to its products or services, and World Tennis Day activities may be linked to generate greater exposure.

EXAMPLE: For World Tennis Day 2013, the Asociacion Paraguaya de Tenis staged a tennis festival linked to their national sponsor Itaú, a national bank.




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