05 Mar 2018

Spotlight On... Rebecca Marino - February 2018


By Nick Fishpool

Photo: Stanko GrudenRebecca Marino (CAN)

February 2018


Rebecca Marino
(16 December 1990)

Played: 3 tournaments (2 singles titles)

Won: 24 Sets              Lost: 4 Sets
Won: 162 Games                Lost: 80 Games


January saw the welcome tennis return of Rebecca Marino after a five year absence following a battle with depression, "I love being back and hitting again" she told the Canadian press.

Her return saw her come through qualifying to lift the trophy in Antalya, Turkey and capture her first singles title since October 2012 in the United States.

She continued this winning comeback in February where she claimed two more titles in Antalya with the loss of just one set over the two tournaments.

This streak lasted two more matches before going down in two close sets to Nina Potocnik, with the former WTA world number 38 losing out to the Slovenian 75 64 towards the end of the month.

Including her January title win, this was the first time in her professional career that Marino had won three singles titles back-to-back over consecutive weeks and she now has a total of ten singles titles to her name.