17 Dec 2012

Development Fund visits Gambia and Ghana

News Article

Photo: Henry LarbiGhana Wheelchair Group

Frank Tarmena visited Ghana and Gambia as part of the Wheelchair Tennis Development Fund project in these countries, in partnership with the Cruyff Foundation. Activities began in Ghana, which has embraced wheelchair tennis more recently. The trip began with a meeting with members of the Ghana Tennis Association which saw Henry larbi, the wheelchair tennis co-ordinator, also co-opted onto the board.

There was a two-day intensive coaches and players tennis workshop at the stadium, including the teaching of beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Several classes and practice sessions were held on mobility and different stroke technique, with particular emphasis on the single handed backhand and tactical play.

There was an impressive turnout of coaches, players and members of the Ghana Tennis Association. The visit ended with a Junior Camp and an open tournament running alongside it for the first time.

In Gambia there was a meeting with the officials on how to source funds locally to enable a Gambian Wheelchair Tennis Tournament to be held annually or bi-annually. Clinics were held over the course of several days involving players and coaches, providing them with tactical and technical advice.