17 Dec 2012

Getting to know...Wayne Montgomery

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Photo: Susan MullaneWayne Montgomery (RSA)

The ITF Junior Circuit caught up with world No. 18 Wayne Montgomery from South Africa to find out more about the 17-year old.

ITF Junior Circuit:  Hi Wayne, can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Wayne Montgomery: I'm 17-years old and was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. I currently live in Stellenbosch, in South Africa. I started playing tennis when I was 4 years old.  My Mum and Dad coach so I guess i just decided to play as well. I’ve got an older brother. He’s 19 now and at university.

Have you parents always been tennis coaches?

Yeh, they both played when they were younger and decided to stay with the game and coach. My Dad played a few money tournaments when he was in high school. My mum was good when she was young.

Do your parents coach you?

I’m coached by my dad. And also by Jacobus Swanepoel. He's a South African. He lived in the US for 13 years but is now back in South Africa.

Do your parents travel with you? Or Jacobus?

No. Well, my parents came to Wimbledon to watch, but no. I'm travelling with the International 18 & Under ITF/GSDF Team to Europe 2012. They support me a lot. They’ve supported me throughout the years and they've chosen me since I was 14. I get the opportunity to participate in great tournaments in Europe. Really prestigious tournaments. It's good. They pay everything in terms of support and coaching so it's a great opportunity.

Have you played all the Slams?

Yep, I've played them all.

Have you got a favourite Slam?

Ummm, that’s quite hard. I like the US. I played here last year as well. I also like Australia. I know the vibe. It's similar to being in South Africa so I know the vibe.

Favourite surface?

I like hard. I grew up on hard so probably hard. But I also like clay. Slower balls.

Away from tennis what do you like to do?

I chill with friends, go out on the weekends. Party a bit. I like to surf every now and again and also do a bit of wake-boarding and water-skiing. I live near the sea and can see the ocean from my house. Reading’s not really my thing but I listen to music.

And what's your ambition in tennis?

I would like to become a professional. I want to go to college in 2 years time. I’ve still got another year of school and then hopefully college in the US. I'm still full time at school in South Africa.

And how was your experience at the Junior Davis Cup?

It was good. I played there with two other boys; Matthew Rossouw and Theo Ferreira, and we did quite well. We made semis for the first time ever, so it was quite a good result for us. Matthew and I played really good doubles. We were always 1-1 after the singles so it was always a tight doubles. It means a lot to represent your country.

Do you follow other sports?

I follow rugby and sometimes a little bit of soccer. Mostly rugby.

Who's your idol in tennis?

I like Nadal. I like Nadal a lot. Andy Roddick. There are quite a few. I was quite sad when he retired.