10 Dec 2012

Argentina's Grade 2 closed event hosted in Buenos Aires

News Article

Torneo Internacional Francisco Lombardi

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: Taking place at the Asociacion Deportes Racionales, this tournament offered players the opportunity to take part in Singles and Doubles.

A total of 12 red clay courts were provided together with many player facilities including players gymnasium and a large new air-conditioned restaurant with free wi-fi and television.

In excess of 300 players took part in this grade 2 closed tournament with important rankings points available with the World Champions being decided wihin the next month.




V35:  Argentina Ramiro KARIS (ARG)

V40:  Argentina Cristian SEGNI (ARG)

V45:  Argentina Alberto PLA (ARG)

V50:  Argentina Gerardo SUEYRO (ARG)

V55:  Argentina Guillermo CAPORALETTI (ARG)

V60:  France Bruno RENOULT (FRA)

V65:  Argentina Julian GANZABAL (ARG)

V70:  Argentina Licio Claudio SORGENTE (ARG)

V75:  Argentina Hector Mario COSTANZO (ARG)

V80:  Argentina Edgardo RIBOT (ARG)

V85:  Argentina Guillermo GARCIA (ARG)


V35:  Argentina Marcelo Alejandro GABUCCI (ARG) / Gonzalo REMINE (ARG)

V45:  Argentina Rodolfo DE CASTRO (ARG) / Nestor Hugo UHART (ARG)

V55:  Argentina Ricardo ROMERO (ARG) / Carlos WYRYTOWSKI (ARG)

V60:  Argentina Eduardo DEZA (ARG) /Gustavo METHOL (ARG)

V65:  Argentina Raul MORALES (ARG) / Anibal Tomas SUERO (ARG)

V70:  Argentina Atilio TORRILLO (ARG) / Gerardo VETTER (ARG)



V35:  Argentina Maria Soledad AMSLER (ARG)

V40:  Argentina Karina Amelia CICCHINELLI (ARG)

V45:  Argentina Marisa Fernanda FERRERO (ARG)

V50:  Argentina Marcela AUROUX (ARG)

V55:  Argentina Gloria MORENO QUINTANA (ARG)

V60:  Argentina Alena KLEIN (GER)

V65:  Argentina Safa CORONEL BEATRIZ (ARG)

V70:  Argentina Dora ROMERO (ARG)

V75:  Argentina Ines Marta PLA (ARG)

V80:  Argentina Ines Marta PLA (ARG)


V40:  Argentina Karina Amelia CICCHINELLI (ARG) / Silvina MORALES (ARG)

V50:  Argentina Marcela Alejandra DE GREGORIO (ARG) / Beatriz VILLAVERDE (ARG)