03 Dec 2012

ITF to restructure Seniors World Championships in 2015

News Article

Photo: Ray GiubiloAndrew Rae (AUS)

The ITF has decided to restructure the ITF Seniors World Championships, which are currently held as two annual two-week events for the Seniors (35-55) and Super-Seniors (60-85) age groups. 

The new structure, which will be in place from 2015 onwards, will see the age groups split into three annual events, each consisting of team and individual world championships held over consecutive weeks:

1.            ITF Young Seniors World Team and Individual Championships (35-45 age groups)

2.            ITF Seniors World Team and Individual Championships (50-60)

3.            ITF Super-Seniors World Team and Individual Championships (65-85)

Due to the increasing popularity and ever-growing entries at the World Team and Individual Championships, the split into three events has become necessary as only a few venues in the world are able to host the championships in their current format. With this change the ITF hopes to be able to attract new host nations, particularly in regions such as Asia and South America.

Luca Santilli, ITF Head of Juniors and Seniors Tennis, said:  “We believe the new World Championships structure will allow the ITF to promote international seniors tennis more effectively around the world. With the support of our constituencies, the ITF is looking forward to hosting our annual championships in new countries, as well as inspiring more players to continue playing competitively in the unique social environment of ITF Seniors Tennis.”