21 May 2012

Lendl takes to court at ITF Pro Circuit event in Prague

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Ivan Lendl

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: Tennis fans attending the Sparta Prague Open ITF Pro Circuit event held at TK Sparta Praha on Saturday 19 May had the rare treat of seeing former ATP world No. 1 and eight-time Grand Slam champion Ivan Lendl take to the court for an exhibition match against Jiri Novak.

This match, Lendl’s first in Prague since the 1970's, attracted around 1000 spectators who packed out the stadium to see the tennis legend in action.

Despite now being in his early 50’s, Lendl was still able to demonstrate smooth strokes when hitting the ball and a still very impressive and powerful serve, which a lot of young pros in the game today would surely be envious of.

The two players played out one set of entertaining tennis to the enthusiastic crowd with Lendl emerging triumphant 63.  With the match over they then continued, much to the joy of all watching, for an additional three games, to bring about a final score of 84 to Lendl.

After the match, Mr Miroslav Cernosek, the head of TK Plus, knowing Lendl to be a keen golfer, presented the 52-year-old with a painting of another great sportsman in action, Tiger Woods.